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Why Some Influencers Call NFT’s Worthless Crap and Others Call It Digital Gold

The varying opinions on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as “worthless crap” or “digital gold” can be attributed to a combination of factors, including individual perspectives, expertise. financial interests, and the nature of the NFT market itself. Here are some key reasons why different influencers and experts might have contrasting views on NFTs:

Knowledge and Expertise:

    • Some influencers and experts may have a deep understanding of blockchain technology, digital art, or collectibles, enabling them to see the potential value and innovation behind NFTs.
    • Others may not fully grasp the technical aspects of NFTs or the broader blockchain ecosystem, leading them to dismiss NFTs as “worthless.”
Gold or worthless?

Financial Interests:

    • Those who have invested in NFTs or have financial stakes in the NFT market may have an incentive to promote NFTs as valuable assets (i.e., “digital gold”).
    • Conversely, individuals who have not invested in NFTs or who have lost money in the market may be more critical and dismissive of their value.


Market Volatility:

    • The NFT market is highly volatile, with prices of NFTs fluctuating significantly. This volatility can lead to differing opinions depending on when individuals entered the market and their personal experiences.

Artistic and Creative Value:

    • Some influencers and artists view NFTs as a revolutionary way to empower creators, secure digital ownership, and monetize their work, thus emphasizing their artistic and creative value.
    • Critics argue that NFTs have inflated the prices of digital art and collectibles, commodifying creativity and contributing to speculative bubbles.

Environmental Concerns:

    • NFTs are often criticized for their environmental impact due to the energy-intensive proof-of-work blockchain networks used in their creation and maintenance. Some influencers may dismiss NFTs based on these concerns.

Creativity is a real person’s ability to look beyond what is in the world!

Scams and Hype:

    • There have been instances of NFT-related scams and projects that lack substance, which can lead some influencers to label the entire NFT space as “worthless crap.”
    • Others may hype NFTs without proper due diligence, contributing to misconceptions and unrealistic expectations.
We are creating NFTs with value and uniqueness

Long-Term Viability:

    • NFTs are a relatively new phenomenon, and their long-term viability and sustainability are still uncertain. Some influencers may be cautious and skeptical about their future, while others are optimistic.


In summary, the diverse opinions on NFTs as “worthless crap” or “digital gold” reflect the complex and evolving nature of the NFT market. It’s essential to approach this space with a critical and informed perspective, considering both the potential benefits and risks associated with NFT investments and technology.

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