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Absolute Right in The Realm Purchasing NFT Land Titles or PCC’S

Last Updated: February 8th, 2024

Introduction: ZenChip PRIME Corp. and / or The VMax Brokers

Absolute Right in The Realm purchasing NFT Land Titles or PCC’S
As a deviation from Section 3(e) of the User Terms, and except in connection with User’s violation of a Alchemy Studios guideline or policy or User’s breach of any of the Alchemy Studios Terms, Alchemy Studios may exercise Alchemy Studios’ absolute right concerning NFT Land Titles or PCC’S by Alchemy Studio’s reasonable discretion only with effect for the future (i.e. no effect on NFT Land Titles or PCC’S User already validly holds) and without effect to any notice, refund, compensation or liability Alchemy Studios may have to User under this Appendix C or binding applicable law. The remaining provisions of Section 3(e) of the User Terms shall remain unaffected.

User’s Statutory Rights and Refundability of Payments
If the Vmax Brokers or The Realm’s Services do not function properly or are not as described or not in conformity with the User’s agreement with The Realm, you may have additional statutory rights and remedies.

Nothing in Alchemy Studios’ Terms shall limit any statutory rights to refunds Users may have under applicable law.


See Also: Terms and Conditions of Use.

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