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What's In Your EWallet?

Apex NFT VIrtual


Buy, Sell and Store Your NFT's In Your ETH Wallet and Get Paid In The Realm™. Create Unlimited Digital Wallets. Card Is Accepted in Over 210 Countries.

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Apex NFT Platinum


With This Plan Get 24/7 Concierge Service and a Physical Platinum Over Stainless Steel Debit Card, Accepted in 210 Countries Globally.

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Apex NFT Gold


Get Started on The Apex NFT (Path To Gold) Program Which Gives You Gold Status AND The Option to Upgrade To a 14K Gold Card With 24/7 Concierge Desk.

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The Apex NFT Card™ was visually designed to be different in appearance and be unique in global function. The Left (Curve) Design is an eye catcher. The metal version has an exquisite weight and feel to it, its powerful appearance together with our patented system of being able to convert currencies with blazing fast speed including cryptocurrencies with a membership-based, global card platform which provides 24/7 concierge services with travel discounts and rewards is a game changer for anyone.

The (Left Oval) Position is visual real estate for crypto exchanges, companies casinos and many other organizations that want to further their own brand adherence. The (Back) of the Apex Card has no mag stripe to prevent skimmers from gaining access to the card holders ID card and ewallets.

This card stops fraud dead in Its tracks. We have received Global 25-year patents with the WPTO as well as Within the Madrid Accord

Please Note: Just one prominent bank pays over ONE Billion in card fraud Damages EVERY MONTH alone!


We wish to offer our card members a comprehensive concierge services with our Apex Rewards Card™, where they can choose any or all the following functionality to add value to our card service. They can have their own branded cards, multi-currency accounts, buy /sell /transfer crypto, payments online or with our app, all seamlessly integrated into their own platform or website, using their own brand.

Apex NFT Card Services, LLC. is also the easiest way for companies to create a complete digital concierge and reward services along with a financial and Point of Sale payment solution which they can take to market immediately.

Our Apex Point of Sale Platform is now available in over 150 countries. We are a truly global service, open to any business that wants to have Complete Accounting, Stock Management, Inventory Management, over 25 Customizable Reports, Including Our Patented Point of Conversion (POC) for Taxation.

We will also launch prepaid Apex Reward Cards™, for any customer and employee with their own brand on the card and can be used (In store), online Contactless and available at ATM’s across a globally recognized network of other merchants and financial institutions.

Customers and employees can choose a card with our standard brand on it in Plastic, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Gold, Platinum or just a virtual card. Cards will also be issued to their customers to facilitate transactions in the following currencies:

• United States Dollar,
• Euro, British Pound,
• Australian Dollar,
• Canadian Dollar,
• Hungarian Forin,
• Norwegian Krone,
• Polish Zloty and
• Swedish Kroner.

By Using the Apex NFT Card™ Platform, new accounts can be issued to their customers and to their employees in the following currencies.

• United States Dollar
• Euro, British Pound
• Chinese Yuan
• Japanese Yen
• Philippine Peso

We’re also able to offer customers and employees the ability to link and exchange crypto currencies right on our card member dashboard, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD tether, USD coin and many more.

As a technology led business, the Apex NFT Card Services™, LLC. platform enables us to integrate technology interfaces into the member dashboard so that customers and employees can use our membership program and concierge-based services as well as move and withdraw their funds seamlessly between their account, and from another financial institution, account, crypto currency, and to and from their fiat multi-currency accounts with the Apex NFT App. Ios, Google Pay or Android.

For mobile customers on the go. We have the Apex NFT Card™ Advantage, an app with all these exciting membership and financial services we can offer.

Fanbase™ Is Integrated Into The Apex NFT Card™. That Gives Card Holders Discounts On Travel, Points, Rewards, Hotels, Valet, Special Events, Concerts, Gaming Events and VIP Status For Casinos as Well as Merchandise Purchased Within The Realm™ Virtual World and Our Official Retail Outlets, Sponsors, Agents and/or Affiliates of The Apex FanBase™ Brand.

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