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Ft. Worth Texas Based Crypto Exchange Firm Sues The SEC For Overreach Tactics

Fort Worth-based crypto company Lejilex and lobbying group Crypto Freedom Alliance of Texas (CFAT) claim the SEC has asserted jurisdiction over the industry without a “clear statutory mandate.” The Texas cryptocurrency company and an industry group sued the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Wednesday, saying the regulator has overstepped its authority with malice…

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The Realm™  Invites Casinos Into Grand Island By Releasing Rare Properties

The Realm™ has many zoned and type of Land Titles to choose from, however RARE Properties are limited for placement on several Island locations and Grand Island is one of them. The Rare Land Titles and Land Blocks are specifically for Casinos and Hotels zoned within the Gaming and Casino areas. It is a timely…

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Apex NFT Card™ Services Will Provide Payment Solutions In The Realm™ For Merchants

The Apex™ POS System better known as Front Desk™ has been developed with the same payment processing options we provide to our business clients for Apex NFT Card™. The payment processors which are integrated with a unique transactional system to provide full accounting and exceeds the needs of our vendors. Here are some of the…

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Why Owning Land Titles In The Realm Could Be The Next Viral NFT

Creating a viral NFT in The Realm as in our NFT Land Titles program requires a combination of innovative ideas, strategic planning, and effective marketing. Here are some steps we follow to increase the chances of our NFT's within The Realm. Our NFT Land Titles becoming the next viral sensation, where anyone can afford to…

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How You Can Resell Land Titles In The Realm as a VMax Agent

Buying virtual land in The Realm™ is a speculative venture that has a very high potential to generate a very good dependable income, but it also comes with risks and uncertainties, like anything else. Whether you can make lots of money reselling Virtual Land Titles, Blocks, Pre-Construction NFT'S, Digital Assets and NFT Creator Content in…

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