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NFT Risk Disclosure

Last Updated: February 8th, 2024

Introduction: ZenChip PRIME Corp™. and / or VMax Brokers™

The investment in NFT’s and cryptocurrencies and its usage involve a significant amount of risk.

Prices can fluctuate on any given day. Because of such price fluctuations, you may gain or lose fiat value of your assets at any given moment.

Any currency may be subject to large swings in value and may even become worthless. There is always an inherent risk that losses will occur as a result of buying, selling, or trading anything on the market.

Land Title Ownership

NFTs are basically digital collectibles. They can represent things (like X posts, Virtual Real Estate, Real-World assets, etc.) or they can be things like (Digital Art).

Their value proposition is that they are digitally unique, they exist on a Blockchain (like Ethereum) or Polygon (Matic), have verifiable Metadata and while anyone can copy and download video clips or image files, an NFT has a Smart Contract Address, Date, Time and HASH on The Blockchain as a verifiable record saying that it has

(Only ONE Owner).

To Be Clear

You can still download the image file recorded in an NFT.


If you sell an X Post, that Post will still exist on X, visible to all. So, in that sense you’re not buying The Post itself, but more a digitally authenticated note.

Think of them as autographed baseball cards. You could print as many copies as you want but if the player signs only one, that’s the card that’ll likely have the most value or (Rarity).

Another Example

An autographed Tom Brady card just sold for $1.32 million.

“We might only be beginning to scrape the possibilities for what NFTs can be used for”

Said Andrew Hinkes of Carlton Fields.

At its core, an NFT can identify a unique financial asset, which can in turn lead to new efficiencies for current transactions.
Land Ownership is one example:
At present, people are dependent on land registries maintained by other parties, like a government agency, to record that they are the owners of a piece of land.

Hinkes said

“An NFT could instead represent that land, letting an individual prove ownership using a cryptographically secured and signed digital document or token”.

Daniel Rollingher, a real estate attorney with Fabrica, noted that:

“Real estate NFT’s could also require consumers borrowing from lenders, which would lead to these NFT issuers having to ensure they address consumer protection and disclosure regulations.

Cryptocurrency investments and buying NFT’S have specific risks that are not shared with other official currencies, goods, or commodities in a market.

Unlike most currencies, which are supported by fictitious government reserves or other legal entities, as well as the belief that commodities such as silver and gold back the paper, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a “flat” currency that are only backed by mathematics, technology, and trust.

The currency is decentralized, which means NO authority can take corrective measures to protect the cryptocurrency value in a crisis or issue more currency.

Thereby VMax Brokers or its representatives will never recommend you invest, sell, store, exchange, or trade any specific cryptocurrency.

In the case of unprepared investing, you can lose your funds. Every cryptocurrency investor should understand the volatility of crypto assets, Government Overreach and make only his/her own decision on what to buy, sell, store, exchange, and trade.

VMax Brokers provides a platform, Land Titles, Preconstruction Certificate of Ownership and a Cryptocurrency wallet to manage your assets and doesn’t take any responsibility for how you use it, It’s Yours and should STAY Yours!

Cryptocurrency is an autonomous and mostly unregulated worldwide payment system and for the most part, It should stay that way. As Governments and Politicians have done such a fine job destroying the economy as of late and (Regulating) the banks into oblivion with the recent 30+ Bank Closures.

When using cryptocurrency investors put their trust in the digital, decentralized, and mostly anonymous system, which relies on p2p networking and cryptography to maintain its integrity.

Cryptocurrency usage is susceptible to irrational or rational bubbles or total loss of confidence, which could collapse demand/supply. Any actions, even remotely connected to Cryptocurrency can crash confidence in this currency, such as unexpected changes imposed by the currency developers, a government crackdown and targeting, a superior competing Bitcoin alternative, or even a deflation or inflation spiral.

Confidence might also collapse because of various technical problems: if the anonymity of the system can be compromised, funds lost or stolen, or if hackers or governments become able to prevent cryptocurrency transactions from settling.

Every user has to carefully assess whether his/her financial situation and tolerance for risk is suitable for Buying Selling, Trading NFT’s.

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