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Creative Content Terms

Creators are the heart of The Realm™™ and Vmax Brokers Online V-Community, and we created the following terms (“Creator Terms”) to set forth the rules and guidelines for creating and Publishing content on the Services as well as the use of Digital Content or other Alchemy Studios IP or content on the Services. These Creator Terms apply to all Users of The Realm™ and Vmax Brokers.

In addition to these Creator Terms, Creators must also abide by the User Terms, both in their capacity as a Creator and as a User of the Services, and any Additional Terms (such as Alchemy Studios and /or The Realm™’s Advertising Standards, Biometric Policy, and Developer’s Terms), as may be applicable.

Please note that Supplemental Provisions apply to:

(i) A User’s interactions with Digital Content Published on the Services by creators that use any site built by Alchemy Studios and to a Creator’s submission of Digital Content to The Realm™ or Vmax Brokers for distribution in the People’s Republic of China (See Appendix A).

(ii) Users in Japan (See Appendix B); and
(iii) Users in the EU/EEA and the United Kingdom (collectively referred to as “Europe”) (See Appendix C).

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