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Online Safety

The Realm ™ and VMax Brokers ™ cares about the safety of its Users. If you see any content or materials on the Services that appears to recruit, entice, advertise, or solicit any person to perform a sexual, violent, or illegal act, please contact The Realm and VMax Brokers ™ Support and select the “User Safety Concern” help category to immediately report the User and situation.

Community Standards

To keep its Users safe, The Realm™ and VMax Brokers™ has created certain Community Standards to outline how Users should behave on the Services and what conduct is and isn’t allowed on the Services. These Community Standards, which are incorporated into these Terms, may be found here. Any violation of the Community Standards is considered a violation of The Realm™ and VMax Brokers™ Terms and may result in Account suspension or termination.

Parental Controls

The Realm™ and VMax Brokers™ Community is made up of Users of all ages.

We work hard to create a safe and fun environment for all. To help foster this community, we provide Users and their parents/guardians with numerous safety features and controls.

More information about these features may be found here: Privacy Policy


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