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Commerce Center

By Definition, Commerce Center is a Business Oriented Island, complete with offices that stretch to the clouds, universities, Art Galleries Museums, and Centers of Living. On Commerce Center, business in the center focus on Hyperion Island, as well as Business to Business interactions within this virtual ecosystem. Retailers and Suppliers alike are concentrated into the center of the island on Hyperion due to the prime virtual real estate that covers Downtown Hyperion.

Properties included within this unique island reminds one of New York, Chicago, and Beverly Hills in the year 2097 with surrounding skyscrapers, and to the coastline the many harbors that moored ships with yacht filled marinas to hold your digital vessel as you accumulate more virtual properties to enjoy within The Realm™.

Purchase your Land Title and Get a Free Preconstruction Certificate (PCC-FRAC) then build your Medical Office, Sell your products or services right in The Realm™ and get paid on your Apex NFT Card™. Dotted across the Island are business offices, suites, hotels, hospitals, universities for education and everything from grocery stores to manufacturing facilities that populate throughout the island as more properties are being occupied.

The days are filled with the hustle and bustle of street vendor kiosks, food trucks. Office complexes and Cafe’s on the island are full of business for those who want to socially gather with their peers or spend time with friends next to the yacht or harbor. Land Titles on this fantastical island are a must have for:

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Real Estate Brokers Outlet Malls Food Vendors  
Legal Services Accountants Resorts  
Gaming Hotels Museums  
Art Galleries Entertainment Retailers  
Parks and Recreation Art Galleries Unique Products  
Family Entertainment Automotive Retailers Yacht Brokers  

Land Titles

VCommerce FanBase

Select and purchase Your Commercial or Residential Land Plot for staking out your prime properties in the Commerce Center.

Each NFT Land Title is pre-minted on the Blockchain and secures your land for building your business or residential home.

Commerce Center is where everyone will enter first enter The Realm™. This is at the epicenter of The Realm™ on Hyperion Island. The Commercial property in this metropolitan location is populated by indoor and outdoor malls, businesses, outdoor kiosks, business to business and retail outlets for products and services from all over The Realm ™.

Land Title Commercial Business owners can even Buy, Lease, Broker Properties, Rent out offices to other members. High rises and skyscrapers are common in Commerce Center on (Hyperion Island) with floors that take members up for amazing VR Views and simultaneously offer them NFT’s, Products and Services throughout the buildings that occupy each owner’s property.

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