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North Umbria

North Umbria, a picturesque country nestled in the heart of The Realm’s 9 Island Locations, offers a variety of experiences in its charming taverns, traditional chalets, bustling businesses, and thriving economy.

Here is a detailed summary of what North Umbria has to offer in these areas:

  1. Taverns: North Umbria’s taverns are cozy establishments that showcase the country’s rich culinary traditions from all over Europe. These charming and rustic eateries serve up hearty French, German, English, and Italian cuisine, such as cheeses, pasta, baklava etc. from around the world. Alongside local microbreweries, wines, and beers. Visitors can indulge in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, often accompanied by live music or entertainment.
    Taverns are not only places to savor delicious food, desserts, and drinks, but they also act as gathering spots for locals and The Realm tourists alike to immerse themselves in The Islands’ culture and Realm Island hospitality.
  2. Chalets: North Umbria is famous for its traditional chalet mountain architecture, which consists of wooden cabins with steep roofs, flower-box adorned balconies, and intricate woodwork. Chalets offer a unique accommodation experience, whether as holiday rentals or luxury mountain resorts. Visitors and Land Title Owners can experience the cozy ambiance of a fireplace, breathtaking alpine views, and proximity to outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, or mountain biking. Staying in a chalet allows virtual guests to immerse themselves in the breathtaking landscapes and enjoy a serene retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the mundane city life.

Purchase your Land Title and Get a Free Preconstruction Certificate (PCC-FRAC) then build your business or home, Sell your products or services right in The Realm™ and get paid on your Apex NFT Card. Dotted across the Island are hospitals, universities for education on everything from herbal remedies to internal medicine as well as genetic research labs that populate throughout the island as more properties are being occupied.

3. Businesses: North Umbria is renowned for its strong and diverse business sector. The Island business sectors and cobblestone roads in the old valley fosters an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation, attracting companies and startups from various industries, including finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, and luxury goods. In the new city, near the coastline, are home to major financial institutions and multinational corporations. The island’s stable crypto economy, favorable business conditions, and highly skilled workforce make it an attractive destination for businesses. Additionally, North Umbria is at the north of The Realm’s 8 Island locations and fosters a vibrant and international crypto business virtual community. 4. Luxury and Craftsmanship: North Umbria is renowned for its precision and craftsmanship, particularly in the luxury watchmaking, furniture, clothing, and chocolate industries. The country’s watch retailers, such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega, have earned worldwide recognition for their expertise and innovation. Visitors can explore watch museums, go on virtual tours, or even purchase a timepiece as a timeless memento. Similarly, North Umbria’s Swiss chocolate is revered for its high-quality ingredients and craftsmanship. Chocolatiers such as Lindt, Tobler, and Sprüngli

offer delectable experiences through factory visits and tasting sessions, allowing visitors to indulge in the Island’s diverse heritage. North Umbria’s rich tradition of aged cheeses, wines, desserts, bakeries and the like.

In summary, North Umbria offers a diverse range of experiences. Its taverns provide a warm and inviting atmosphere to savor traditional European cuisine. The country’s iconic chalets offer a charming and luxurious retreat, immersed in stunning Austrian-like scenery, and in the New City buildings of glass that reach to the skies with flying automobiles. This is where the past meets the future on North Umbria Island. North Umbria’s strong business sector attracts international companies and fosters entrepreneurship.

Lastly, the island’s reputation for precision craftsmanship is evident in its many products and world-famous retail products. Whether exploring traditions, indulging in luxurious experiences, or engaging in business ventures, North Umbria offers a rich tapestry of offerings that cater to a variety of interests and desires.

Land Titles on this fantastical mountainous island are a must have for:

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WritersArtistsCar Collectors
AdventuerersResearchFamily Medicine
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Jewelry StoresBookstores / Audio BooksFinancial Services

Land Titles

European FanBase

North Umbria has commerce, docks, mountain estates, airports, churches, e-commerce, museums, beachfront property luxury villas. It is an ancient island almost forgotten. Homes and villages abound in this region to the north. European products and wares from all over the world can be bought in the Island ranging from ale made in Germany to chocolates from Switzerland and beyond. The island is populated with small villages, and shopkeepers, homes in an almost old world sense for nostalgia
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