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Purchase of NFT Land Titles, PCC’s and Virtual Items

User or Agent or Brokers may have the ability to purchase Virtual Content in The Realm ™ Online Virtual World with Services using Cryptocurrencies. User or Agent can purchase NFT Land Titles against the displayed price within the Services shopping cart or NFT library. When User or Agent selects one of the available signed and serialized NFT Land Titles, User or Agent will be asked to complete the purchase within User or Agent ’s Account and to select one of the available payment methods.

Currently, VMax Brokers offers payment via debit / Credit Card, PayPal, Gift Cards (for VMax Broker’s browser app), Google Play, iTunes, Amazon (for VMax Brokers’ mobile apps), as well as Apex NFT Debit Card for Virtual Card Members with the Apex NFT Card app. In VMax Brokers’ reasonable discretion, Alchemy Studios may amend the available payment methods from time to time. The purchase contract will be concluded now where User or Agent clicks on the “Pay Now” button (or other similarly designated purchase button) and the transaction is successfully completed.

As a deviation from the VMax Brokers Terms, from Section 4
(a) of the User or Agent Terms and Section 4 of the Creator Terms, there will be a contractual relationship between Creators and VMax Brokers. There will not be a direct contractual relation between Creators and User or Agent s.

If you acquire Virtual Content and other things against payment of NFT Land Titles, such acquisitions shall always be concluded between you and VMax Brokers, and Creators shall always act on behalf of VMax Brokers.

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