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Affiliate Services

The VMax Affiliate Marketing Opportunity is a performance-based marketing program in which individuals or entities (affiliates) promote our Land Titles in exchange for a commission upon sale or resell on our auction or Other NFT Resell Platforms like OpenSea or

Our VMax Brokers auction works by Brokers and Affiliates, which they both use to drive traffic or referrals to buy our NFT Collectibles. When a sale, lead, or specific action is made as a result of the VMax affiliate’s promotion, the affiliate earns a generous commission on every NFT Sale on each Virtual Property.

Become An Affiliate Today! And Start Earning Commissions.

Our VMax Broker Affiliate Marketing Program offers several benefits for our affiliates. You can promote The Realm™ Land Titles through your followers on any social media you choose or your own site using our FanBase brand and our promotion is linked to The Apex NFT Card Platform. If you have reserved your Apex NFT Card™ already You can get paid in any currency you choose including Cryptocurrency in your virtual ewallet.

Our VMax Brokers and Affiliates can earn steady passive income streams by leveraging their online presence as an influencer with examples such as blogs, Vlogs, Social Media Platforms, or even email lists, to promote The Realm and Get Paid on their Apex NFT Debit Card Available Here: Get It Now!

What If I Buy The Land Titles Myself In The Realm™?

Just like physical properties in the real world the structure placed upon the property and it’s potential revenue will make your property more desirable for buyers based on location of the Land Title, Zoning, Structure, Services, Products and Location closer to Live Events or Activities on the Island of your choice.

Each Land Title Is Unique, Serialized and Signed By The Artist?

Making every Realm™ Land Title unique and with resells throughout the world, our virtual ecosystem is where every sale and re sale creates a never ending Virtual Commerce and commission structure based business for Brokers and Affiliates… It’s symbiosis at its best, and everyone gets paid!

Get Started Earning Today!

Sign up and you could be earn commissions In The Realm™ Start Today

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