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Architectural Services

Our Architectural Department is highly experienced in digital asset creation. Alchemy Studios™ is our virtual world builder of The Realm and everything in it from Islands to Land Titles.

Our easy to use interface allows Land Titles owners to drag and drop assets to construct everything you need to build in any zone you prefer.

However, if you need something customized such as a 3D scan of your business or residence. Alchemy Studios’ Architects will build it for you exactly as you need it.

Getting The Most Out of Your Land Title NFT.

What If I Can’t Build It Myself?

We have made our builder platform and dashboard easy for our Land Title owners. From your dashboard HUD, after you sign into The Realm™, All Zoned assets will be listed in a vertical carousel for you to choose from. All builder assets like walls, roofing, landscaping, interior and exterior has been supplied for you. All necessary materials, colors, textures like brick, stone, stucco and cladding are available in any color. These assets are dynamic, meaning select your asset and drag and drop it into place, now it becomes viewable to others in The Realm™ immediately after to approve the placement.

What If I’m Too Busy To Do it?

Our Professional Architects and Content Creators will ask you to send a request to build on your Land Block and will send you an estimate on how long it will take and the cost of upgrading your property with a new structure on it.

What If I Already Have a Physical Property?

In this case you can submit your layout or blueprint to our team and we will build it exactly as you wish.

Will It make My Property Worth More In The Realm™?

Just like physical properties in the real world the structure placed upon the property and it’s potential revenue will make your property more desirable for buyers based on location of the Land Title, Zoning, Structure, Services, Products and Location closer to Live Events or Activities on the Island of your choice.

What If I just Purchased The Land Titles And Just Want To Flip Them?

 Again Just like Real Properties, just having the Land Block ie; Land Title NFT as an owner is the first step. However as properties become more rare and land is bought up around you, may make it desirable enough without building anything. This (Unlike) Real Estate in the physical world, the new buyer can choose to wipe it out and build something else on the Land Block that either produces an income from selling products or services or is a mining area (for example).

Since the Land Titles are zoned Commercial, Residential, Industrial , Agricultural and Rare Large. These Land Blocks can (Only) have on them in the zoning area you purchased them in. No exceptions. Once an NFT Land Title is Purchased, All sales are final.

What If I Want To Buy Land Next To Mine?

If the Land Title is still available, you can purchase as many as you wish to expand your property line out as far as you wish, because just like Real Estate in the physical world you can join the Land Titles Blocks and  create a much larger property, meaning you can get Top Dollar on resales or auction the property off to the highest bidder.

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