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NFT Broker Services

If you want in on The Realm™ NFT Land Grab, Our Agent Sign Up and NFT Marketplace is your gateway to participating in the purchase and resale of these digital assets, from our Preconstruction Contracts to our entire NFT Collections of virtual world of Land Titles ready for purchase and resales. Think of our NFT Virtual Marketplace as your Amazon™ of The Realm™.

There are dozens of other NFT marketplaces in existence, and many of them have a specific focus or niche. What should you look for before deciding which one to use, and what are the top NFT marketplaces out there?

Here’s what you need to know.

How You Can Become An Virtual Agent In The Realm™

We have made signing up to be a Land Title Agent within The Realm™ very simple. Once you fill out the questionnaire, pick your preferred level of VMax Broker™ agent package and get your Agent License number, you are now ready to purchase ALL Land titles for 10% – 30% off and re list or auction them on any (Supported) NFT Marketplace for Resale. Also Super Rare Stadium Properties are coming soon!

Why Open Up The Realm™ For Agents?

The main reason we set up VMax Brokers™ was to allow others to resell Land Titles within the Realm™ and grow organically as we continue to build out The Realm™ and It’s additional Islands.

Every Week you’ll be invited FIRST to be allowed to purchase Premier PRIME Land Titles before anyone else. The Land Grab Is On!

What Will We Offer NFT Agents and Resellers in The Realm™?

Imagine our hyper realistic world filled with merchants from all over the world transacting in a virtual space and you own PRIME Virtual Real-estate on those locations, and as they become more and more filled with members…The Virtual Properties within those locations will become more desirable to own and will be secured by other companies that may wish to build on your Virtual Land. You also may wish to sell the Land Title if your Reserve is Met.

What Does This Mean To Land Title Holders?

We can assist you in purchasing your Virtual Land Titles, as well as providing PRIME Virtual Property information to help you determine which properties are trending most, according to views and which Island is visited more frequently and which are being purchased according to early entry sales.

This allows Virtual Agents to best determine without guessing which Land Titles on which Island Location are showing more social interest. We do this to assist all Agents.

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