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The Realm™  Invites Casinos Into Grand Island By Releasing Rare Properties

The Realm™ has many zoned and type of Land Titles to choose from, however RARE Properties are limited for placement on several Island locations and Grand Island is one of them. The Rare Land Titles and Land Blocks are specifically for Casinos and Hotels zoned within the Gaming and Casino areas. It is a timely matter as these properties will eventually be sold out and no more space will be available in those designated areas. Properties will have to be sold to another casino or Hotel Owner for expansion or addition.

This virtual theology and mapping technology is simply based on logistics and space available. This ensures proper placement and easement of connecting land blocks withing The Realm™ Virtual World as a whole to not get congested and members can still enjoy the ambiance of our world to the fullest.

What Happens When RARE Land Titles Are Gone?

Every island location is ZONED and can only accommodate a pre determined area of so many Casinos and so many Hotels within a space. Much like the location Boardwalk Island Theme Park, Only so many Theme Parks, Roller Coasters and Merchandise Barkers will fit in any given area. Once those Land Titles are sold out, No more will be sold only re-sold by Land Title holders of those NFT Virtual Properties.


The potential of owning RARE properties on Grand Island offers several benefits. The rarity of having bought it before anyone else and building a casino on the land block opens up doors for that particular Casino as the Owner. when The Realm™ goes online the owner will be able to simply create his or her casino from the 3D assets provided by the zone in which he or she bought it.

Building is a snap and we have made it as easy as drag and drop. All assets needed for a unique casino, inside and out will be furnished by the development team and will show up in the owners ASSET Collection.


Each Property is unique in its own way. If you need a specific look, exterior or interior for your own brand or physical Casino or Hotel. Our development team can import scan data to reproduce you physical or existing building EXACTLY the way it is anywhere on earth.

Our goal is to achieve what others cannot, a Truly Hyper Realistic Virtual World That is not only meant to do virtual business in, but offers members to play in as well.

Judy Lamont

Pre Construction Contracts

What Is A PCC?

A PCC or Fractional Ownership NFT is a serialized and minted NFT. Think of it as an automatic Stake-able Digital Asset that YOU own on the Blockchain. Once purchased it is OWNED BY YOU FOREVER. This NFT also gives YOU a fractional interest in The Realm™ as a whole and you will receive royalties in perpetuity just for owning it.



For More Information on PCC’s and Fractional Ownership, Please Click Here:



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