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User Accounts and Access to Services


To access certain elements and Agent functionality of the Services, you will need to create a VMax Broker or (“Agent”) (“Account”). To create an Account, you will be asked to provide username, date of birth, and method of authenticating your Account, which may include a password and, depending on the resources accessed, you may also be asked to provide other information like a verified email address, verified phone number, or a government-issued photo identification.

You Agree

That all information provided to VMax Broker will be true, accurate, and up to date. VMax Broker reserves the right to take steps to ensure that any information you provide to VMax Broker in connection with your Enter The Realm Account is accurate.

Securing Your Account

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of any credentials used to access your Account (e.g., a username and password). You must not share or disclose such credentials to others (except for Guardians in the case of a Minor User).

Account Responsibilities and Prohibitions

You understand, acknowledge, and agree that you will be responsible for any actions taken in your Account and on the Services using your access credentials, whether such actions have been authorized by you. You may only access the Services through your own Account. Selling your Account or your access credentials to another User is strictly prohibited. Similarly, purchasing another User’s Account or access credentials is strictly prohibited. However, transferring an Account in connection with the sale of the Virtual Content created by that Account, pursuant to a valid written agreement, is permitted.

Compromised Accounts

If you have reason to believe your Account has been compromised, is not secure, or has been subject to unauthorized use, you must notify VMax Broker immediately by contacting VMax Broker Support. If another User asks for your password or any personal information, you should report them immediately using the “Report Abuse” feature.

Suspension or Termination of an Account

If you violate these User Terms or any of the VMax Broker Terms, including the VMax Broker Community Standards, VMax Broker reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or suspend (i) your Account and (ii) your right to use and access the VMax Broker Services, including by suspending or terminating any alternate account(s) you create or have created. Account suspension or termination may also involve the suspension or termination of access to any content you have acquired on the Services, including without limitation Land Title or PCC NFT, Experience access, In-Experience Items, and Virtual Items. VMax Broker may also terminate your Account if VMax Broker determines, in its sole discretion, you are a repeat infringer, as contemplated by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). A Guardian of a Minor User may request that VMax Broker terminate their Account by contacting VMax Broker Support.
Notification and Appeal.

If, pursuant to a violation of the VMax Broker Terms or in response to law enforcement or other legal request, VMax Broker (i) suspends or terminates your Account or access to the Services or (ii) removes a Land Title or PCC NFT, UGC, or other content that you have on the Services, VMax Broker may notify you, and may provide you an opportunity to request a review of VMax Broker’s decision (“Appeal”). To begin the Appeal process, contact VMax Broker Support.

Access to Services

VMax Broker reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change or suspend the Services (or any portion thereof) at any time and for any reason, including to comply with FCC or International laws, to protect Users, or to protect VMax Broker’s reputation, without notice to you unless required by law and without liability to Users.

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