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Virtual Content, VMax Brokers Subscriptions, and The Realm™ Economy

Acquiring The Realm™ Virtual Content In VMax as an Agent

You may acquire “Virtual Items” (including without limitation clothing or digital items for your avatar), In The marketplace (including without limitation NFT Game Day Tickets and Special Content) to put in your virtual land block as well as other content (including without limitation and private server access) offered by The Realm™ and/or Members (collectively “Virtual Content”) solely on the Services. The acquisition of Land Titles on the Services is solely for your personal entertainment, and, except as otherwise stated in any Additional Terms, as applicable, it does not create any legally enforceable contract between

  • You and Alchemy Studios, LLC.
  • You and The Realm™ or
  • You and any Member.
  • You and any Agent or Broker

SEC DISCLAIMER NOTICE: As per this reading according to the SEC, dated 2/8/2024 NFT Land Titles have NO Real-World equivalent monetary value. This is NOT an Offer to Sell Securities. See Here No Offer To Sell Security

They Do Not qualify as a Security and you do not acquire any enforceable property rights in and to any Land Titles based on any transaction on the Services other than what is stored on the blockchain as Yours.

When you enter The Realm™ to acquire Land Titles through VMax Broker™ Services, the COTR or TOR are collected through the Services and immediately deducted from your Account balance. All such transfers are final and, unless otherwise permitted by The Realm™ through its policies or practices, non-refundable and non-reversible.

    VMax Broker™ Apex Agent Card Subscriptions are automatically renewing monthly or yearly subscriptions offered by a member to provide Users or Agents a Referral with certain additional benefits and /or discounts.

VMax Broker™ and Agent Subscriptions may be purchased using fiat currency (Real World Money) or (Digital Currencies). When you purchase a Apex NFT Agent Card Subscription, you agree that your subscription will automatically renew and that The Realm™, or VMax Broker™ through its payment provider, is authorized to charge your payment method accordingly until you cancel the VMax Broker™ Apex NFT Agent Card Subscription.

You may cancel your VMax Broker™ Subscription at any time on the Subscriptions settings page. If you cancel your VMax Broker™ Subscription, you can still enjoy the benefits for the period for which you have already paid. All purchases of VMax Broker™ Subscriptions are final and, unless otherwise permitted by The Realm™ through its policies or practices, non-refundable and non-transferable.

Selling and Re-Selling Land Titles, PCC’s and VMax Broker™ Apex NFT Agent Card Subscriptions.

For Users and Agents

The Realm™ allows Users with a The Realm™ Apex NFT Agent Subscription to buy Land Titles at a tiered discount and PCC’S in The Realm™ and Land Titles on other platforms (“Resale”). A User may engage in a Resale of such Land Titles within The Realm Marketplace and on other platforms that approve them. All Resales are final on the blockchain and cannot be reversed. (See here for a more detailed explanation of how to resell Virtual Content.)

For Members

A Member may sell Land Title and PCC Preconstruction Certificates pursuant to the terms as outlined in Section 4 of the Member Terms and the Vmax Broker™ Subscription Terms of Use.

Trading Virtual Content

The Realm™ allows Users with a The Realm™ Pilot, Platinum or Gold Apex NFT Card Subscription to trade certain Land Titles on the Services (“Trade”). This Land Titles can be Traded for other Land Titles, PCC’S or for a combination of COTR or TOR and Virtual Content.

When Users engage in a Trade on the Services that includes the exchange of COTR or TOR, The Realm™ is entitled to a fee. However, if no COTR or TOR are exchanged as part of the Trade, The Realm™ or Vmax will not receive any fee in connection with the transaction. (See here for a more detailed explanation of The Realm’s™ Trading System and the associated fees.)

Removal of Virtual Content.

The Realm™ has the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend the availability of, or remove from the Services and your Account, any content (including without limitation User Created Assets, Virtual Content, VMax Broker Service™ Apex NFT Card Subscriptions, and VMAX Broker Service™) without advance notice. Alchemy Studios, LLC., or The Realm™ shall not be liable to any User for any losses you may experience because of such suspension or removal, and The Realm™ is not required to refund any COTR or TOR or other funds that a User has spent on any removed or suspended content, except where legally required.

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