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CEO | Creative Director

Dan Hughes

Skills and Knowledge Base

Brand Creator and Adherence
Promotion And Advertising
World Builder and Developer
Financial Platform Integration

Dan has Co developed all of ZenChip™ PRIME’s  Concepts, Artwork, Patents, Branding, Infrastructure, Financial  ecosystems, Crypto Framework, Function and System Components for online Conversion and many Currency Exchange processes used in the industry today despite banks hesitance of adoption.

Hughes was for many years prior with his position with Alchemy Studios and ZenChip PRIME Corp. a Visual Communication Specialist and built many movie props for Harry Potter in Diagon Alley. He has now brought his experience in Design, Branding, Prototyping and Project Development skills to VMax Brokers as a Digital NFT Artist and Engineer.

Address: 207 West Plant St #770984 Winter Garden, FL 34777 USA

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