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Unique Virtual Technologies

Built upon decades of virtual world building using Unreal Engine and Unity, The Realm will be a never before seen Hyper Realistic World filled with activities and V-Commerce.

Endless Possibilities

The Realm™ will auto expand its' user FanBase™ and with Apex NFT Card™ Members to accommodate new users, members and business owners alike.

Unmatched Economy

By creating an NFT Fueled Virtual World, We have developed our own economy, complete with it's own Coin of The Realm and Token of The Realm Rewards Token for airdrops.

Unmatched Support

Our team of customer support professionals can offer 24/7 support across all time zones, giving you the assurance your questions will be solved immediately in your own language.
Developments In NFT Technologies

ZenChip PRIME Corp. via
Alchemy Studios Have Released
The Realm™ Land Titles Pre Sales

Dan Hughes

CEO | Creative Director

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Land Titles Available

Max Cap

Pre-Construction PCC’S

The Realm™ Is Not a Metaverse, It's a Multiverse!

Yes, There are NO Requirements or Restrictions in The Realm™ if ,you are at least 14 and have a guardian’s permission to join.

Even if you are a new business owner without a product, you can buy a Commercial Land Title and build on your land.

Yes! If you just want to buy and sell NFT Land Titles to earn income, Please sign up and become an NFT Agent. 

Yes! If you sign up to be a VMax Affiliate and they buy a Land Title in The Realm™, You get paid on your account for the referral.

With the rapid expanding tools within the Unreal Engine, It is now possible to virtually build anything and everything to do anything inside The Realm™, I have been a pioneer of the Web since dial up was invented. The Realm™ is a Feast for the eyes.

Judy Lamont

Senior Tech Advisor

As a Digital Architect and Engineer, I can’t tell you how incredibly real The Realm™ is. I cannot believe how advanced the pre rendering and movement of everything is…Truly Stimulating!

Jolie Supan


Our Vision for a Hyper Realistic World built around V-Commerce is becoming a reality for millions of people from all walks of life – We are truly living in the most incredible technologically advanced generation.

Dan Hughes

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