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Asclepia Key

By Definition, Asclepia Key is a Human Health Centered Island, complete with universities, immune-therapy museums, and centers of learning. On Asclepia Key, holistic medicine, and all forms of other medical approaches in new medical advancement technologies, new discoveries and a focused eye on doctor / patient directed therapy.

Properties included within this unique island reminds one of Hawaii with surrounding beaches, bungalows, and yacht filled marinas to hold your digital vessel as you accumulate more virtual properties to enjoy within The Realm™.

Purchase your Land Title and Get a Free Preconstruction Certificate (PCC-FRAC) then build your Medical Office, Sell your products or services right in The Realm™ and get paid on your Apex NFT Card™. Dotted across the Island are hospitals, universities for education on everything from herbal remedies to internal medicine as well as genetic research labs that populate throughout the island as more properties are being occupied.

Nightlife on the island is full of entertainment, based in the medical field for those who want to socially gather with their peers or spend time with friends in your beach home next to the ocean. Land Titles on this fantastical health based island are a must have for:

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Island Content

Internal MedicineGeneticistsPediatricians
PsychotherapistsDermatologistsFamily Medicine
Holistic SpecialistsCardiologistsGynecologists

Land Titles

Medical FanBase

Select and purchase Your Commercial Land Title for staking out your prime properties in the (Medical Isle).

The Land Title on the Blockchain secures your land for potential doctor / education wellness facilities and universities plus new advances in technology in parts of the island. Receive your NFT on the Blockchain in the Asclepia Key Island when you purchase your commercial Land Title.

Asclepia Island AKA (Medical Isle) has been designed for the medical universe, medical University/teaching, medical labs, equipment sales, medical products, educational facilities, and the state-of-the-art medical advances globally.

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